This project is about Compact and Prefabricated Living. Due to a dramatically increase of the property prices, designers have started to try to provide more affordable solutions to people by understanding the house as a mass consumption product. By taking that approach to the housing market, designers aim to reduce costs by standarising construction processes.

There are other conditions that have changed the way people used to live not too many years ago. The traditional family twenty years ago used to live in one or two houses all their life. Nowadays, due to an increase of divorces(75% of the marriages in some European contries) and due to different work requirements, people tent to live in several houses before they find the house where they plan to settle.

This process of changing your living space has been considered the most stressing situation a person can be put through after a medical operation, and statistics say that 42% lost sleep, 6% needed time off work, 4% had panic attacks and 2% had to see a doctor during the moving process*.

My proposal is a range of furniture that facilitates the moving process, lets you choose the furniture that you prefer even when you share a space and allows you to easily move your furniture with you when you move out.

This collection of furniture would be sold off the shelf by halves -so in a shared environment you could decide which half you prefer. These halves could be pluged to other halves in order to create complete objects.

*Data extracted from www.24dash.com