Growing fruit and vegetables

This is an attempt to visualise the individual daily intake of fruit and vegetables. It tries to get kids (and some “big kids”) engaged with and conscious about including enough fruit and vegetables in their every day diet.

The pieces of the carrot represent the growing process of some vegetables . The carrot is divided into 5 pieces which correspond to the 5 portions of fruit and vegetables that doctors recommend having every day. Every time a person eats a portion of fruit or vegetables should add a piece to the carrot. When the carrot is completed means that you already had all the necessary fruit and vegetables for the day. You have “grown” a vegetable.

Different members of the family would have different shaped towers (onion, banana, strawberry...) which would help to create an environment of competition within families. This basic system of fruit and vegetables intake visualisation would help the family members to control how much fruit and vegetables are the other members eating. By making this information accessible to the rest of the family, parents might also be challenged to adjust their diet in order to be a good example to their children.

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